Hello my name is Oscar and you’re welcome to this. I’ve never really seen myself as a blogger but I love talking about experiences. I use this platform as a medium to talk about the two things I appreciate the most which are Technology and Life. I try to find a way to make the two blend.

This started in my friend’s dining room, I had just graduated college and came home to say hi to the family then I came across some things on the internet that made me sit down and write my first post titled, “Studying Computer Science in Africa (Nigeria)— An undergrad perspective” (the timing got mixed up). Every post has a story behind it. I hope you enjoy it. Like, comment and share.

Finally, I’m dedicating this to my late sister Daniella Okolo, you loved writing and telling your experiences, and my Mother, Anthea Okolo for all your support, Oscar loves you.

Okay, Let’s do this some other time 🙂

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