The Daily Scrum [Scrum Series]

The Sprint is like a chess game. The development team is using different pieces to achieve the Sprint Goal which is "Checkmate". It is easy to get carried away and want to take out all your opponent's pieces and not consider how each move may or may not get you closer to that checkmate. When... Continue Reading →

Son Of An Immigrant

He told me about how much struggle he had to go through, he left home seeking the best for you and your siblings. The late nights, the early mornings… the days he wished he didn’t make that journey, the days nothing felt right and he was left in thoughts. The nights studying to feel approved... Continue Reading →

The One Eyed Man

Another Sunday guys, I skipped last week but I am here now. This post is something I feel we all need to read and we all might be guilty of what I am about to talk about and it is only normal, we are human. Growing up in an African home, you get accustomed to... Continue Reading →

Is There Even A Recipe?

Hey guys, another Sunday. I just got my lean six sigma black belt and it was quite a task but that aside welcome to August. This post was inspired by Okpa (A local Nigerian food made from bambara nut and goes with a bottle of sprite). My mum and I wanted to make Okpa a... Continue Reading →

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