18 Months Later [The Re-Introduction]

Another Sunday guys, it has been a minute. Said that a couple of times in a few of my previous posts. I didn’t write for over a year and there was no particular reason for that. I thought about it a couple of times, why wasn’t I writing anymore? What was the problem? Was it writer’s block? Did I lose interest? Maybe I was busy but whatever the reason is, we will find out.

My name is Oscar-Timothy Okolo and since August 30th 2020, I have been through it all. The highs and the lows and even kind of a career detour. I wrote my last post “The one-eyed man” at a point in my life when I realized I still had much work to do and I had barely scratched the surface.

Life is like a Bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein

I had lost my balance but always knew I would return. Well, the real question is, am I ready? And what have I been up to?  We will go over the second question and maybe realize the answer to the first when we are done with this.

In 18 Months we can all agree the world has evolved, face masks are the norm and handshakes are weird. I evolved with the world but this evolution made me return to where it all started, a pen and a paper, a boy with dreams, a boy that wanted to change the game of project management and software delivery, a boy that loves knowledge more than anything.  It was time to strategize. I knew it was time to try something new.

I became a Data Analyst for some time and I was not really myself at first. I picked up SAS programming and became an advanced SAS programmer (certified), then I was doing more SQL. It was not a familiar terrain. I have a background in Software development, and a strong passion for project management but was this the means to the end? Maybe. Branching into a new field was mind-opening, being a data analyst gave me a new perspective on how I see numbers and the beautiful story they tell. And for those that are wondering;

A data analyst is simply someone that translates numbers into plain English.

Thinking like a Data analyst or an analyst, in general, is quite different from thinking like a developer, and after doing that for over a year, it has made me appreciate the beauty of the field. I really had to explore the depths of this before I made it public. Was it fun? Absolutely! I am hoping to make more posts relating to this.

What else happened? I went from being a Data analyst to being a Business analyst and then a Scrum master. Hmmm…. Yeah, in a year I have done many things and it is time to share what has changed and how I have evolved with my readers.

I have learned a lot, I have gone through climbing the ladder again and I have appreciated every step, every struggle, every time I gave up and every time I had to learn a lesson.

To answer the question I asked in the third paragraph, “Am I ready?” I would say I am, it will be stressful but I think there is a lot to unpack from here on.

I gotta run now 🙂

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