Son Of An Immigrant

He told me about how much struggle he had to go through, he left home seeking the best for you and your siblings. The late nights, the early mornings… the days he wished he didn’t make that journey, the days nothing felt right and he was left in thoughts. The nights studying to feel approved but he knew there were other things he could be doing.

Your Father did not have many friends, In his mind was a time well spent. Most people didn’t understand his mindset, his perspective, why he saw life through special lenses. He felt different most times but like his father used to say;

All visitors bring happiness, some by coming and others by going.

Son of an immigrant, your father had dreams, he didn’t want you to lack anything and all he did was for you, every action, every decision was to make sure you never went to bed hungry. He made sacrifices and dedicated his 20s to creating a beautiful life for you and your siblings. He couldn’t stop talking about the life he wanted to give you, he was not certain but knew all the sacrifices would pay off eventually.

Your Father and I were close friends, most times he sat alone but was the most cheerful when he was amongst people. He had a good sense of humor but his thoughts were his own. He couldn’t stop talking about how much he appreciated the art of software delivery and dreamt of getting you into it one day or at least to see if you’d like it. He was about chasing dreams, and couldn’t wait for you to start chasing yours.

Son of an immigrant your father has a disability and is fighting his battles and will keep winning for you. All you need to know is that your father loves you and cannot wait to see you, it might still be a couple of years but know that your father is going to make you a proud Son of an immigrant.

I see your father whenever I look in the mirror, I can tell you he has gotten older and a tad wiser. Till we meet. Son of an Immigrant, I gotta run now 🙂

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