Being Left handed in a Right handed World Part 4 – A letter to my Dad

Hey guys, I haven’t written in a while cause I’ve been kind of in between activities. Today is my Dad’s birthday and I am dedicating this post to him, Keep resting Dad. You’re the man.

I grew up seeing a map behind the black board we had in the study, we weren’t allowed to clean the map although it was drawn in chalk. I grew up hearing stories about one of the smartest people that ever lived, I grew up hearing stories about a man that loved my mother so much, I grew up hearing stories about a strong man that will do anything for his family, I grew up seeing engineering textbooks that had the name “Chijioke Timothy Okolo”, and I could say I felt closer to him whenever I see his handwriting.

Daddy, Dad or Father, I will say is my least used word because I never had the opportunity to use them except when I’m praying. You look like him, he was close to your mum, I worked with your Dad, he normally stopped by my shop to buy things, almost everyone knew him except me which bothered me sometimes. I remember when daddy comes back from work and we will all… my elder siblings also had stories too.

I know you didn’t get to watch me do many things, you were not in any of my graduation pictures or any picture at all, you didn’t get to watch me take my first step or my first day in school. I won’t list everything we didn’t get to do but I’ll thank you for leaving me with the best gift. A wonderful leader, I said I’ll try as much as possible not to make this post about mum but the truth is that she stood in for you everyday and tried hard not to make us feel your absence. Is there anything I want to tell you in person? I don’t know. I might just want to ask you why we don’t have beards.

He would hold you in his arms and stand under the light all evening

my mum

I think we might have some similarities from the stories I’ve heard, I like the way you looked at situations and the fact you were an all rounder, I might not be as handy as you were (I had to make a hand joke) but I still feel you sometimes in me, I unconsciously think of what you would do before I make decisions but then I know you will want me to live my life and walk my path which is what I’m doing.

My convocation is next week, I’m not attending. I graduated with a BSc in Computer Science after saying I would study Electrical Engineering like you for the longest time. Like I said earlier, walking my own path. I understand you will want to be here to talk about so many things, quiz each other about physics and math or probably share a cold bottle of beer and talk about sports but I understand, trust me. It’s all God’s plan.

I have been keeping mummy company, we talk about you all the time, like a lot. We both laugh at our jokes and yours too, we keep getting closer as I grow and we keep understanding each other, she says I will always look at her face therefore we hardly have disagreements which is true, we hardly fight and she is a very good listener sometimes.

You also left behind five children, truth is that we try, it hasn’t really been easy. We look out for each other when we can, we might not be doing the best but we are slowly getting there. Individually you should be proud of us, we all stayed in school, do you know how stressful it is now?

A dollar is now 365 naira, I know right.. and there is this new virus and all going around, also my brother still supports Arsenal, I know what you’re thinking. Princess has always been a princess, I’m sure she misses you. Ama really played a pivot role in guiding me, I was on Facetime with her yesterday, She’s looking Peng and Ijay (Daniella) our sweetheart is probably going to read this with you, I know she’s spoiling you with Jollof rice.

I go by Oscar-Timothy, yup she attached your name to mine and I’m very proud to bear it. I also listen to music a lot, like you. uhm.. any other thing? I doubt. I’d drop my email for you to reply but I’m not going to stress you. Till we finally meet. Rest In Peace and Happy Birthday.

Till i write again, see you guys 🙂

Happy Birthday Dad

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