Being Left handed in a Right handed World- Part 3 (A Love Edition)

This is a valentine special and we are going to talk about El-oh-ve-ee Love. I’m sure we are excited, you can go and read part 1 and 2 to catch up. So my name is Oscar and I have erb’s palsy. Erbs palsy is a…. Go and read part 1.

Being Left handed in a Right handed World — Part 1

Love is something I have experienced in different ways, as much as there are many messed up people in the world that try to make you feel down and want to stop moving, there are people that make you just love living the life. People that make you eager to wake up the next day. I was blessed with an amazing family and showered with so much love but family is for another post.

You know that sense of adventure that kicks in with teenage-hood when you start noticing someone of the opposite sex, yes that period. I experienced it and to be honest, I had so much going on in my head. I had to keep up with school, grades and have a crush at the same time that I saw every day. The doubts were there but they didn’t really kick in till I had an experience. What experience?

The session had just ended and the summer classes had just started, a time to meet people from different schools and catch up with friends. There was a girl, yes oh! there was a girl, we were friends but well, she made me dress my best every day and steal cologne. I never missed a day and will be upset when she misses a day, you could say that again.

On a certain day, I walked up to her while she was with her friends and I was like [her name] I haven’t seen you in a while and out of no where she said Oscar I’ve always wondered how you will approach a girl to talk to her, will any girl want someone with your hand, how will you even get married. It dawned on me, the bell sounded so loud in my head, I spent the rest of the holidays thinking about this.

Being Left handed in a Right handed World – Part 2 [Thanks but no thanks]

That thought haunted me for a while, a long time I’d say, I thought of becoming a priest. Well, God accepts us for who we are. It really made me not open about how I felt most times especially towards the opposite gender, One person said Oscar if you get married how will you provide for your family with just one hand? Yo! it was really a tough time for me but well I didn’t turn out so bad.

I want to thank everyone that has shown me support emotionally, physically and otherwise, especially my sister Daniella Okolo, you always listened and I know you’re looking out for me.

Happy Valentines Day guys, let’s do this again next week 🙂

Thanks guys….

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