The Book or The Skill – Making a choice

This post is the second part of the series from last week. The Book or the skill is an important question we all ask our selves at some point. People will always say you could learn this thing somewhere or someone could teach you how to code, you don’t necessarily need to have a formal education in Computer Science to do all these or you should focus more on reading and later you learn the skill.

Read up on The Book and The Skill – Striking a balance

You could learn how to do that and be good at it but there is a huge difference between you and a Computer scientist. We don’t just learn to code or write clean code, we study the mechanics of every line you write, how it relates to the architecture of your computer, how to use optimized algorithms and give you the best out of every project but How can you say that? Most computer scientists don’t have an idea of what I’m talking about.

Most Computer science students don’t understand what they’re studying, they feel most things are unnecessary and trust me, I felt like that for some time especially in my second year. I just felt I was taking in useless information, I felt there was no implementation of what we were doing especially the course “Automata Theory” where they talked about linguistics and history of alphabets, I came to this school to challenge Bill Gates and in my second year you’re telling me there are 26 letters of the alphabet, Wow I thought they were 28. I have only four years, oga hurry up to the point where we are creating games.

I’ll say The Book builds the skill, calm down before you kill me. I’ve been going through some interview procedures and researching about different fields to work in, and guess what I realized, for you to be really good, You need to pay extra attention to what you’re doing in school especially if you’re looking to go into something that involves software. One thing is knowing though and the other is implementing.

Implementation can be theoretical or practical depending on the grounds you built your knowledge but it is very important. A short story, I watched an interview for an internship position at Google as a Software Developer. The candidate was given a problem and asked to write an algorithm that solves it implementing different Data structures (200 level), then when was done he was asked to calculate how long it will take the Algorithm to run (400 level). Nobody really emphasizes on this thing cause it’s all about the exam and you wouldn’t need it in real life, well Voila! You need it, everything is important. He was later asked to implement it with any programming language he likes.

The Book or the skill. To be honest this past days I’ve been going through things we already did in school and discovering many gaps in knowledge and weaknesses but if you’re reading this as a student then you can take hold of this opportunity and make the best out of it.

So let me know what you think. The Book or the skill ? Thanks, Let’s do this some other time 🙂

Thanks Guys

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